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Corsican sheep

The meadows are grazed by a group of rustic sheep. They are milked daily from April to September.

Ready to be milked

The cheese process starts with the production of a milk full of flavour.


During the milking season, we make soft, fresh sheep's milk cheeses every day.

With a collective of 10 cheese makers, a Tomme de Morvan was developed under the initiative of the Parc regional du Morvan. This CABRACHE exists in 3 variants, made from either sheep's milk, cow's milk or goat's milk. We produce a CABRACHE from sheep's milk.

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Onky available on local markets

Crazy about Corsican sheep, crazy about cheese. Convinced of organic. Everything that comes from sheep is used on our small farm. Cabrache (Tomme du #morvan), cheeses, wool and skins.... All this with love

L'Huis Dupin in Gâcogne

Winter 10 - 12.30

Summer 9 - 12.30

Brassy Bourg

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