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Champ de la Fontaine

Organic farm and holiday house


Located in the middle of the Morvan Regional Natural Park, you find this small sheep farm, including a cheese dairy and a cottage for 4 people.

Brassy is 4 kilometers from the holiday home and has a small supermarket, a fresh bakery, several restaurants and a weekly market. In Montsauche (7 km) there is a bank, a doctor, a pharmacy and a petrol station.

The Morvan was the area of ​​the Celts. Everywhere in the area you can still visit remnants of their culture and of the Romans, such as les Fontaines Salées, (approx. 30 km). Here were the sacred springs of the Celts, saltwater springs where the water still bubbles to the top.

The famous basilica of Vezelay, the castle of Bazoches, the picturesque Avalon and Chateau Chinon with its nice museums are less than 35 km from the holiday home.
About 5 kilometers from Champ de la Fontaine is Lac de Chaumecon, a large reservoir between the trees near Brassy. A little further away are Lac de Settons (10 km) and Lac de Panneciere. These lakes are a bit more known and therefore busier, but definitely worth a visit.

The Morvan played an important role in the French Resistance during the Second World War. Both Dun-les-Places (10 km) and Saint-Brisson (15 km) have museums that recall this period.

Thanks to the hilly landscape with forests, lakes and rivers and fishing ponds, the Morvan is an area where all sports enthusiasts can be active. The famous GR13 pilgrimage route also runs through the Morvan.

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For each level of hiker, challenging hiking routes start from the gite. With two large lakes nearby (Lac de Setton, Lac de Chaumecon), numerous rivers and several fishing ponds, the region is a paradise for those who love fishing, rafting, kayaking, sailing or swimming. With multiple MTB trails that pass in front of the gite, mountain bikers feel in heaven. Finally, there are also facilities for quad riders and rock climbers. 


There are several remains of the Gauls as the holy salt water sources near Vezelay, and the ancient town of Bibracte. Visiting Autun recalls the Roman way of living. The Basilica of Vezelay, the castle of Vauban, ... these are just a few examples of the cultural heritage in the neighbourhood. The Morvan knew very active resistance groups during World war II; local museums e.g in Dun-les-Places and Saint-Brisson highlight this period.


Quacking frogs and deafening crickets, spotting badgers on our meadows at night, helping to take care of the sheep. In the villages there are weekly markets, flea markets, small-scale art exhibitions and festivals. In the gite is all information and an up-to-date agenda.

Autumn and spring

Warm sun-drenched days that forget the rain of the day, enjoy the beautiful colors of autumn, see the color coming back in the woods after a winter. Savor the smell of spring. Discover mushrooms everywhere.


Lighting the wood fire, walking in the snow, searching for traces in the snow, enjoying the quiet nature, the omnipresent Christmas trees make you looking forward to the Christmasparty.